Sandplay Therapy

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A fun and safe place to explore feelings and life situations.

Sandplay therapy is a process that involves creating scenes in a tray of sand, using realistic miniatures chosen from the therapist’s collection. These miniatures cover all areas of life for example: people, animals, plants, fairy tales, transport, insects, food etc. The use of sand and miniatures gives us a symbolic way of expressing our feelings and viewing our lives. Sandplay therapy is an effective psychotherapeutic tool that can be used with children, adolescents and adults.

Sandplay is a non-threatening, fun and safe space in which you are able to explore feelings and life situations that may feel threatening or overwhelming. Basically, playing with the sand, making a landscape and adding symbols, allows the psyche to find its own expression, free of the ego’s influence. Using the sandtray, you are able to externalize that which may be hidden or unconscious – it allows for the concrete manifestations of your inner world.

Sandplay therapy is a non-verbal form of therapy. It is helpful when words won’t come to you or when feelings are not really understood. Inner feelings come out in the play, providing solutions and answers that are often hidden from awareness.

The positive benefits of using Sandplay include:

  • Creates bridges from the unconscious to the conscious, the inner to the outer world, mental and spiritual to physical, nonverbal to verbal, thus revealing hidden material.

  • Invites spontaneous play. There is no right or wrong.

  • Non-threatening thus allows for defences to be decreased.

  • Serves as an adjunct to therapy.

  • Empowering for it allows you to move from the victim position to the position of creator, designer and controller of the situation now and in the future.