The HSC Cycle

The HSC Cycle

It is that time of the year again when one group of HSC students feel relieved that it is all over and behind them, whilst the new HSC group begins the roller coaster of stress and anxiety associated with this final year of school.  Isn’t it a shame that this pinnacle year of school can be associated with such negative emotions?

Your child is facing an ever increasing barrage of stressors emanating from school, teachers, peers, you as the parents and their own expectations about the HSC.  But what skills does your child have to bounce back and manage these stressors? And is that metaphor of when life hands you lemons, make lemonade really that reassuring and comforting?

Unfortunately schools are really good at educating and preparing kids for HSC.  They may teach them study skills and most certainly they teach them the core curriculum, but what about life skills of anxiety /stress management, of mindfulness?   These are core skills that your child will need long after their HSC, and in all walks of life.  So don’t allow stress to become the focal point of the HSC year, don’t allow stress to interfere with your child’s ability to feel happy and function effectively.  Children are like sponges, they soak up and absorb the good and the bad; however they soak up too much and this leaves very little space for learning.

I can help by providing your child with valuable skills to make him/her more resilient to the stress that modern life presents.  Using a combination of mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis I will provide your child with invaluable skills and tools that are beneficial now and forever.  All of these skills are useful for the HSC year as well as for other situations beyond school. I will cover areas such as what is stress and how this impacts on our studies, organising our studies and allowing for a good work life balance, skills to manage stress including mindfulness and self hypnosis, sleep hygiene and many more topics.

Remember, learning that is associated with happy and positive experiences is stored and available in long term memory, but learning in the context of situations that cause stress and anxiety are stored in the short term memory and not available for long term use.

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