Self care and learning to love our bodies

Self care and learning to love our bodies

Can you imagine how many friends or even family members you would have if you spoke to them the same way you spoke to your body? If you criticised your friends and shamed them the same way you do your body, how many friends would stick by you? How many would remain loyal, day in and day out? That continuous running commentary that goes on in your head isn’t always nice, uplifting, loving and unconditional is it? No, I bet not. And I bet, your mental dialogue is really bad when you’re trying on a bathing costume or just plain getting dressed in the morning.

The longer you criticise, condemn, and shame yourself, the longer you will be imprisoned in your own self-imposed body jail. But think about it, if you respect your body, take care of it, your body will reward you. If you work with your body, listen to its wisdom, hear its messages, and work as a team, the positive results will be never ending. Your body is your temple. Take time to nourish it. It is not indulgence, it is necessity and it is recharging it. Sleep in, take that long, hot bath or have a relaxing massage. See exercise as a way of supercharging those endorphins, not as a punishment. Exercise doesn’t always have to be about calorie burning – sometimes it can be about stretching like yin yoga, or going for a walk outdoors. Take time to be creative. Move out of your comfort zone. Smile, change your body posture.

You are wired to rest and focus on the negative. It is your habit to focus on your flaws and imperfections. Your negativity bias is wired in as part of your survival. Your self-criticism has an enormous impact on your mind and your body, so take time in your daily routine for caring for your body. Whether it is through healthy food, exercise or catching up with friends, make time for self-care and self-love. You are worth it. You deserve it. Your body yearns for it.

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