New Year and New Resolutions

New Year and New Resolutions

It’s now almost two weeks into a new year and a new decade and we are back into the swing of things. Our thoughts and promises of healthy eating, going to the gym, abstaining from all the forbidden naughty foods is now becoming increasingly difficult as our “willpower” begins to wane. And with this is the increase of our internal voice – yes, you know the one. The one that plays loud and clear: “You will always be fat”, “You have no willpower”, “You don’t deserve to be thin”, “When I weigh [insert ideal weight] then I can be happy”.

Let’s be honest here, if there was one wonder pill, potion, one perfect diet, the best exercise, the perfect solution then trust me. Me and every doctor, coach, nutritionist, dietician, psychologist etc that specialises in weight issues would all be on a cruise ship sailing the Mediterranean because we would be millionaires.

We’d be sharing it. Sadly, the media in general, and social media in particular pray on our vulnerabilities, our shame and our body hate. It capitalises on this. And we fall prey to its’ tentacles, because we bash ourselves up in the mistaken belief that this will provide us with the impetus that will drive us to make change, to stick to our diet, to exercise harder and ultimately lose weight – and gain the perfect size and shape.

But truth be told, there is no one perfect solution. No one perfect one-size-fits-all answer. And more importantly, this self-bashing, self-loathing is not driving anyone closer to reaching their goals either. In fact , it is only taking you further away and exacerbating the problem.

So what there is then, is some basic principles that can help you to learn to accept your body, tune into your body’s wisdom, and start to go on the journey to making changes that allow you to get to that version of yourself that enables you to be your ideal. An ideal that is based on your own vision of yourself – not a reflection of a parent, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, society or anyone. A vision of yourself that is based on tuning into finding out exactly what it is that is speaking out through the symptom of your weight or body image issues.

So I invite you for 2020 to take a journey inwards. To look for your answers and solutions within. Begin the journey of uncovering and finding out what your body is saying, tuning into its innate wisdom. Slow down, wisen up and watch the transformation begin.

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