It’s Time To Give Up!

It’s Time To Give Up!

With the cost of cigarettes rising all the time, it is a good reason to stop smoking.    With one cigarette costing nearly a dollar, you do the Maths… How much money are you spending on your smoking habit?  If you gave up, what could you do with all the extra money in your wallet?   Just think…. Pay your mortgage, go on a well – earned holiday, put down a deposit on an investment property…. The mind boggles with the options you have.


I have helped many people to become smoke free and I am keen to get you off to a good start in developing a better lifestyle and becoming smoke free forever.

Smoking is not just a case of willpower, as many smokers have tried to quit but the cravings and associations formed, make it a constant battle.  Many ex smokers report that stopping was relatively easy, it’s the staying stopped that is difficult.  I can help you to change how you think so that is an easier battle to win  – I can teach you how to alter your perception of smoking and thus break that psychological addiction.


Take a few moments to write down all the reasons you want to quit smoking, and keep that list with you.  Every time you reach for a cigarette, read that list.   From today, visualize yourself as a non-smoker.  Visualize yourself as a non – smoker in different situations, feeling happy and liberated from the smoking habit.  Notice how you feel, see how good you look!


So come on, what are you waiting for? Today can be the first step on your journey towards a smoke free life!

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