Is HSC Stress And Anxiety Around The Corner? Your Mindset Helps

Is HSC Stress And Anxiety Around The Corner? Your Mindset Helps

HSC is around the corner and it is important to take a moment and consider your mindset in the lead up to these final weeks.  Your mindset can be the difference between success and failure.  Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right”, and it’s a sentiment that many successful people live by. If you believe in yourself, and have faith in your ability to manage these exams successfully, this can be the tipping point between success and failure. When it comes to your HSC exams, having that positive mindset before you go into the room will help you feel at ease, think clearly and be more able to approach questions productively.  Many of us struggle under pressure or the intensity of exam conditions, and can perform a lot worse than we should, given how much we actually know about the topic in question – but having the right mindset will set you off on a better pathway and ultimately ensure a greater success.

These upcoming exams are no different from any other exams you have sat before.  Many students think that the HSC final exams are there to highlight how much you don’t know.  This is not true; think instead of the exams as an opportunity to show off how much you do know, how much you have learnt this whole year, because chances are you do know a lot, and more than you think you know.  Keeping a calm head, allows you to think with the smart part of your brain, and not the part of your brain that regulates your survival.

Remember all the exams you have done well in.  All the times you have been successful.    Picture yourself in the exams, confident, relaxed.  Recall what has helped you previously to be successful in your exams, and apply those same strategies.  Focus on your preparation for your HSC, and in the lead up to these exams.  Don’t waste time and energy focussing and comparing yourself to your friends.  They are not you and their preparation is different from yours.  If you focus on your preparation and what you can do to increase your success, you will feel more in control and ultimately have a far more positive mindset.

An athlete does not go into a race aiming to loose, an athlete goes in to do his best and to win.  And that is the case for HSC.  Go in positive, try your best, and meet this challenge head on.  These exams are a challenge, and an opportunity for you to succeed.


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