HSC Jitters

HSC Jitters

Sadly, it’s that time of the year again…panicked parents making desperate calls to me about their overwhelmed, stressed, desperate teens who are about to write their final HSC exams.  Those symptoms of anxiety are on over drive, and when the pressure is on to do that last bit of learning and consolidation, it is just not happening.  

 What really baffles me is that we send our children to school for 12 years, and in essence we hope that our children come out with an education.

But what are we educating them in?

Without stirring up controversy here, let’s talk basics here.  It is about the three R’s Reading, Writing and Arithmetic at it’s real basic essential, grassroots level.  I get that.

But what really confuses me, and actually angers me, is that schools don’t educate our kids how to use their brains.

Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

And you are probably asking yourself what is she going on about No one needs to be educated on how to use their brain.  We all have a brain, and it just works, because if it didn’t, well we’d have a problem. I get that.

If we taught our kids how to use their brains effectively, then anxiety, stress, and overwhelm might potentially not be an issue

Have you ever stopped to consider that if we taught our kids how to use their brains effectively, then anxiety, stress, and overwhelm might potentially not be an issue. And if it is an issue, there are effective strategies to use that can be employed to hijack that process that takes a child or teen from being a bit stressed to completely overwhelmed and panicked.

These are life skills that should be part of the school curriculum and would set children up for life.

Understanding what happens to the brain when we are stressed, and why we cannot think and make logical decisions when we are stressed, which part of the brain is being used when we are stressed – if this is explained clearly, and concisely to children they understand the importance of using healthy strategies like mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis.

Taking the brain from overwhelm and stress to relaxation and focus will get a far better outcome.

My work is centred on teaching HSC teens how to move from using their “lizard” brain to their wise “owl” brain,  so that when it comes to HSC, they feel calm, focused and ready.

Sadly, this should be part of the curriculum and not done in the confines of a psychologist’s office.

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