Gratitude for our body

Gratitude for our body

Your body, yes small or big, fat or thin, toned or full of cellulite, smooth or wrinkled – it’s your temple. I bet you take it for granted.

Without realising it, this is the way you and most people live their lives – by taking huge chunks of their lives, and in particular, their body, for granted, by ignoring it.

You wake up in the morning without a second thought for the fact that you are alive.

Do you ever stop to consider what your body was doing while you were sleeping?

How many times your heart was beating? Your lungs breathing? Food being digested?

And all you had to do was lay down under your covers, head resting comfortably on your pillow.

Have you ever stopped to consider the brilliance of being able to place your feet are on the floor and walk to the shower? Most of us do this without even considering the magic involved in walking, the balance, the coordination.

You take your body for granted daily. Moment by moment, hour by hour. You ignore so much of the goodness in your life, in your body and only noticing it when it is gone. The only time you would not take your body for granted is if you have an injury or if you are sick. I guess, that’s when you can’t just jump out of bed without sneezing and feeling awful.

The media, and social media in particular do a brilliant job too – emphasising why your life isn’t as you wish, why you aren’t matching our ideal. How your body is full of flaws, and how much happier you would be if your body was perfect.

But sadly if you ignore what you do have, it never has a chance to grow, to become its best possible self.

Be thankful for your body, exactly as it is…

So, today, don’t take your body for granted. Be thankful for your body, exactly as it is, and give it the space and the nourishment to become more.

Respect your body. Nourish it inside and out. Your body is a gift that you have been given. Don’t ignore this blessing that you have been given. Let go of the other people’s judgements, criticisms, opinions and beliefs. See your body as a whole, don’t focus on one small aspect that does not fit into your ideal.

Enjoy what you have, embrace your body, and acknowledge how hard it works for you daily. It never complains, it never asks for a pay rise and it shows up even when the going gets tough.

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