Fear Of Flying

Fear Of Flying

Recently I have had numerous enquiries by people who are afraid of flying, and are seeking help.  In light of recent events, it is understandable that a person’s fears about a plane crash or a plane disappearing are realistic.  It is estimated that around one in ten people suffers from a fear of flying, yet today, air travel is becoming more accessible and an essential part to our work and personal lives.    Statistics show that air travel is safer than crossing the road and even driving your car.


Interestingly, it is important to note that no one is born with a fear of flying, it is a learnt fear. This fear may arise from childhood (Eg. Flying with an anxious parent), or could have developed as a result of a frightening flight experience.  Other causes to a fear of flying can be a result of other fears or phobias, such as claustrophobia, or agoraphobia.


No matter what the reason for your fear of flying, hypnotherapy is a useful modality to help you overcome this fear.  There are a number of techniques that can be used to determine the underlying causes to this fear.  Once the cause is discovered hypnotically, the issue can be resolved.   Using hypnosis, I can communicate with your unconscious mind and help to change your dysfunctional or faulty thinking patterns and behaviors.  Hypnosis can also be used to help you to relax, and feel calm and in control when flying.  I will provide you not only with the tools, but also with relaxation CD’s that you can listen to whilst flying.


Many of my clients have used hypnosis not only to overcome their fear of flying, but have also learnt to look forward to flying and to enjoy it.




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