COVID-19 and HSC

COVID-19 and HSC

Covid-19 and its restrictions is having a huge impact on young people. The closure of schools, and regular places where teens like to hangout, has meant a loss of routine, connection and independence. It has brought with it isolation, loneliness, anxiety, fear, overwhelm and many unknowns and unanswered questions.

For teenagers on the verge of independence, losing their freedom can be hard. But throwing into the mix, the threat of a disease that we cannot see, and a world they know thrown completely upside down. Everything is different and unpredictable. And in Year 12, when anxiety and pressure is already higher than normal these added stressors are impacting our HSC students.

The strategies that many students have done in the past to help manage their anxiety are not working as they are not available to them. Their usual going out with a friend, letting off steam at the gym or swim at the beach has been denied to them. In the face of this, it is no wonder that we are seeing increased anxiety, problems with sleep, panic attacks, lack of motivation and poor concentration.

Schools are now starting to go back. Pressure will mount up. Deadlines. Exams. How will your teen cope? What strategies do the schools have in place to support teens in Year 12? What can you do to provide your child with the best possible opportunity of minimising his/her distress and fostering resilience, grounding and focused coping skills to meet the upcoming challenges?

I am offering free online Webinars for Year 11 and Year 12 students as an introduction to my 4-week online Beat HSC Stress Course. This course aims to return your teens mind to a calm, balanced, well-functioning state so it can make wise decisions that will contribute towards exam success. The use of deeply relaxed states and wisely guided imagery is an effective way to empower the mind to work collaboratively with the body.

Just like you update your software on your computer, iPad and mobile phone, so too can you update the software of your mind. We know that negative mental images, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and self-talk can be damaging and impact on school success. Conversely, positive thoughts, beliefs, emotions and self – regard fosters a balanced, relaxed and focussed mind-body. One that is conducive to increasing the probability of exam and HSC success.

For the short term, Covid-19 is here to stay. Its impact, however, will be felt long after we come out of isolation. Give your teen the skills to stay grounded, calm and empowered forever.

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