Perspectives – Through which lens are you viewing the world?

Have you ever stopped to watch a photographer taking a professional photo?  He can’t change the scene, but in trying to capture the best photo he manoevres his angle and his lens to capture the best of that scene.  And when a chef makes that gourmet dish, he gets given the ingredients and in order [...]

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Self care and learning to love our bodies

Can you imagine how many friends or even family members you would have if you spoke to them the same way you spoke to your body? If you criticised your friends and shamed them the same way you do your body, how many friends would stick by you? How many would remain loyal, day in [...]

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Pleasure without food. Is it possible?

Food is powerful – it has the ability to nourish us both physically and emotionally. Food can be tantalizing and set our heat and taste buds atwitter. We dream about certain foods, fantasize about it, counting the minutes longingly until we finally indulge. For humans, the variety, complexity and intensity surrounding the eating experience is [...]

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Weightloss – Taking Another View Of Emotional Eating

It is not surprising that many of us are self-diagnosing ourselves as emotional eaters. Whether it’s on social media, Google, or TV, we are bombarded with the inference that all eating that is associated with feelings which implies emotional eating. And simplistically talking that is correct. After all, we’re not machines or robots. Human beings [...]

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