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COVID-19 and HSC

Covid-19 and its restrictions is having a huge impact on young people. The closure of schools, and regular places where teens like to hangout, has meant a loss of routine, connection and independence. It has brought with it isolation, loneliness, anxiety, fear, overwhelm and many unknowns and unanswered questions. For teenagers on the verge of [...]

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Telehealth now available – online consultations and therapy sessions

In response to the coronavirus crisis, telehealth, or video/phone consultation, is now available for our clients. This will help reduce the risk of community transmission of COVID-19 and provide protection for clients and health care providers. We offer services over Zoom, Skype and phone. Contact me today on 0421 990 990 to organise a consultation.

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In these times of the Big C you can still steer yourself in the direction you want to go

This weekend marked the end of daylight saving, a transition into shorter days and cooler temperatures. For many, it is also the week leading to Easter and Passover, but in a very different format. Instead of large gatherings of family and friends, picnics or outings, religious rituals, this year will be different. Unusual. For many, [...]

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Did You Remember to Self-Isolate the Scales?

As self-isolation becomes the new norm and working from home is our thing, our days are now disconnected and disjointed. Once routined, organised and rhythmic, now for many of us our days are less busy, quiet and filled with stress and anxiety. The hum of the office talk, ringing of mobiles is replaced with our [...]

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Come as You Are: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Did you know that this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW)? How much coverage has there been on TV? In the newspaper? On social media? I haven’t seen any. Quite sad and rather disappointing I would say. According to the National Eating Disorders Collaboration, an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health, [...]

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Alarming Effects of Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence

This is a timely article from Psychology Today. Here's an excerpt. "Domestic violence (DV) takes many forms, including chronic arguing and yelling, controlling behaviors, intimidation, threats of suicide or murder, threats involving weapons, and serious injuries. There is always, however, a destructive undercurrent of power and control, with offenders commonly and compulsively grasping for in [...]

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Divorce! Break up! It’s over!

My soulmate, my best friend. My despised enemy. My judge. My tormentor. That’s right…. It’s complicated. Is it love? Is it hate? Is it indifference? We have been in a relationship since the age of 13, 14, 15. Really. Every single day, very few days skipped. And in very bleak times, twice a day. That’s [...]

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