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As a psychologist and hypnotherapist I hope to create the highest quality of care for you in a supportive and nurturing environment. I work psycho dynamically which means that you and I will look at how your conscious and unconscious minds interact and influence your thoughts, behaviours and attitudes. I am not rigid in the kind of therapy I use with you; each person is an individual and I tailor your sessions to suit your specific needs. My therapy tends to be more varied than others, and I incorporate techniques from a variety of evidence -based sources, rather than relying on a single system of intervention. I offer you a safe, supportive environment in which you can communicate, gain insight, and develop new skills. I listen to what you say, what you feel and what you need in order to help you to clarify your inner conflicts, confront the barriers to your success and well-being, and reach your goals.

Food Friendship and Connection

In this new Covid world of 2021, where life is a little different, making time for connection and friendship has taken on an even greater meaning. In fact, research now shows that one essential ingredient for living a long and healthy life is our connection with others. Friendship is a vital ingredient in longevity and [...]

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Our Feelings and Emotions are like Babies

When babies are born, they demand attention. Even in the animal kingdom, newborns are tended to by their parents. Imagine if we noticed and gave attention to our emotions and feelings in the same way. Our emotions are the core to our world. They drive our behaviours, our relationships and our day to day experiences. [...]

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The Future of the HSC – Interview on The Wire – a daily current affairs program on Community and Indigenous radio

The reality of working online has taken its toll on students in the form of adverse effects on mental health. With the HSC exams just two weeks away, students this year will face one their greatest challenges ever with different classroom conditions, new legislation changes in the university sector and an uncertain future. I shared [...]

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Connection in the time of Disconnection

At our very core, humans have evolved to survive and thrive on connection. Our very being is based on having an “other”, or many “others” in our lives. Despite moves to come out of lockdown and back into a new kind of living, for most of us, our lives are still pretty much disconnected. For [...]

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Do you hear when you listen or do you listen when you hear?

I had a dear 82-year old lady come see me today – I had seen her last year when her husband passed away and she was grieving, but now she was depressed. Different to last year. Not surprising you might flippantly think, and also pass this blog by and say yup, Covid, isolation and so [...]

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Food and Emotional Regulation

So, what does it meant to emotionally self-regulate? And why do I need to know what this is? In short, emotional self-regulation is a way of managing unsettling or uncomfortable emotions or impulses. When we manage this in a positive way, we are able to engage in behaviours that are considered, mindful and not harmful [...]

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Rules Shmules… It’s Enough!

Ok, so unless you have been living with your head under a rock you have all heard of neuroplasticity, right? And you know that you can change your brain, rewire your brain and create different outcomes? Well what I don’t get is how come then, all those Brainiacs and so called health or lifestyle gurus [...]

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Mindfulness, Empathy and Self Compassion

Mindfulness, Empathy and Self Compassion... We hear these words all the time. They form part of our language. In the workplace they get the tick of approval, and social media throws them out wherever possible. In light of both world-wide and Australia-wide events that have occurred since late 2019 and the beginning of this year, [...]

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