Do you have bed-wetters at home?

Do you have bed-wetters at home?

Bedwetting is far more common than you think!

Nearly 10% of children over 9 yrs and up to 2% of over-16s are still wetting the bed on a semi-regular basis.

Bedwetting, or to give it its clinical name, Nocturnal Enuresis, is the cause of untold misery to both child and parents. By the time parents bring their children to see me, they have often exhausted every other avenue and come, as they say, in a ‘last ditch’ attempt to solve the problem. What a pity that hypnotherapy couldn’t have been the first avenue; in fact, after having checked out that there is nothing medically wrong, it could easily be both the first and the last solution.

Hypnotherapy is gentle, natural and safe and involves teaching a child how to self-hypnotise in order to exercise control over their body and bodily functions. With hypnotherapy children are empowered – there is no dependence on pull-ups, alarms or medication. I have worked for years helping children overcome this enuresis problem using hypnosis and at the same time supporting my clinical work with tailor made CD’s for them to listen to at home. These CD’s not only solve the enuresis problem, they also boost confidence, self – esteem and relieve stress and anxiety.

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